Buried Treasures & RIP Karl Wallinger and Eric Carmen

This week, hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot share some new music that's flying underneath the mainstream radar - buried treasures! They'll also pay tribute to Karl Wallinger and Eric Carmen.

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Buried Treasures

There's always more good music being made than there is attention for good music. That's why Sound Opinions regularly rounds up buried treasures to share with their audience.


  • Bodega, “Tarkovski
  • Mandy, “High School Boyfriend
  • Goat, “Raised by Hills
  • Instant Crush, “A Cinematic Exit!
  • Creation Rebel, “Swiftly (The Right One)


  • New Age Healers, “The Spin Out
  • Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber, "* inna-Lisala-Over-Oakanda"
  • Vincent Blackshadow, “I Think Not
  • The Anti-Queens, “Doomed Again
  • Terra Black, “Black Fames of Funeral Fire

Production Staff:

  • Sol: Microwave, “Bored of Being Sad
  • Max: Itasca, "Imitation of War"
  • Andrew: Kneecap, "Sick in the Head"
  • Alex: Destroy Boys, "Shadow (I’m Breaking Down)"



Karl Wallinger was the creative force behind World Party and a member of The Waterboys. Eric Carmen was the leader of The Raspberries and as a solo artist featured on the soundtrack of Dirty Dancing among other films.

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