Pelican and a Review of The Hold Steady

The post-metal quartet Pelican brings its thundering instrumentals to the Sound Opinions studio. Later, Jim and Greg review the latest album from The Hold Steady.

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Pioneering DJ and producer Frankie Knuckles passed away this week. Knuckles' musical legacy is arguably as important to dance music as Chuck Berry's is to rock or Kraftwerk's is to electronica. In the early 1980's, Knuckles helped cultivate House music's sound from the ashes of disco at a venue on Chicago's south side called The Warehouse. (Hence the name, House). The space was an oasis for misfits of all shapes, sizes, and colors to come together and celebrate being alive. As Knuckle's musical stature grew over the years performing at various clubs and remixing other artist's songs, he never lost his generous spirit. In a 2012 conversation with Jim and Greg at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Knuckles remarked that he‘d never regarded music as a competive sport.“Even though you have people on the dance floor, and people that come out and say this DJ is better than that one, I’ve never looked at it that way and I‘ve never let that influence me because I’m too busy having a good time and showing people a good time,”said Knuckles. He was 59 years old.





Heavy Metal, Post-Metal, Grindcore, Post-Grindcore…you name it, Pelican has been called it. But, however you categorize this hard rocking instrumental group, they bring an awesome noise—especially live. Trevor de Brauw, Bryan Herweg, Larry Herweg and Dallas Thomas talk about their desired intensity and play songs from their 2013 album Forever Becoming, the band's first release since the departure of founder Laurent Schroeder-Lebec.

reviewTeeth DreamsTeeth Dreams available on iTunes

The Hold Steady Teeth Dreams

Minneapolis-born, Brooklyn-bred Beat-rockers The Hold Steady have undergone a few changes since their 2009 visit to Sound Opinions. The band took a break after the departure of keyboardist (and moustache idol) Franz Nicolay, while frontman Craig Finn put out a solo album. Now the boys are back, with an extra guitarist, Steve Selvidge, and a sixth album called Teeth Dreams. It's their first venture with producer Nick Raskulinecz (best known for his work with Foo Fighters, Rush, and Evanesence), and as Greg points out, their sound is“slicker”than ever. Perhaps too slick — while the band can still rock, the album is bogged down with slow, melodramatic experimentation. Greg has to say Try It. Jim scoffs at the lyricist's literary bent — with Finn so obviously ripping off Raymond Chandler and Jack Kerouac, this host has to wonder if it's parody. Regardless, Jim prefers The Hold Steady live, in their bombastic, Springsteen-ian element — as for Teeth Dreams, it's a Trash It.


Featured Songs

  1. Jamie Principle, Your Love, Your Love (Single), Persona Records, 1986
  2. Hercules And Love Affair, Blind, Blind, EMI, 2008
  3. Pelican, Deny the Absolute, Forever Becoming, Southern Lord, 2013
  4. Pelican, The Cliff (Live on Sound Opinions), Forever Becoming, Southern Lord, 2013
  5. Pelican, Threnody, Forever Becoming, Southern Lord, 2013
  6. Pelican, Last Day of Winter, The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw, Hydra Head, 2005
  7. Pelican, The Tundra (Live on Sound Opinions), Forever Becoming, Southern Lord, 2013
  8. Pelican, Immutable Dusk (Live on Sound Opinions), Forever Becoming, Southern Lord, 2013
  9. Pelican, Vestiges, Forever Becoming, Southern Lord, 2013
  10. The Hold Steady, I Hope This Whole Thing Didn't Frighten You, Teeth Dreams, Washington Square, 2014
  11. The Hold Steady, Big Cig, Teeth Dreams, Washington Square, 2014
  12. The Hold Steady, Oaks, Teeth Dreams, Washington Square, 2014
  13. Aretha Franklin, Call Me, This Girl's in Love with You, Atlantic, 1970
  14. Chris Cornell, Silence the Voices, Carry On, Suretone/Interscope, 2007
  15. The Allman Brothers Band, Drunken Hearted Boy, At Fillmore East, Capricorn, 1971
  16. The Gand Band, Back at the Shack, N/A, N/A, 2014
  17. Derek and the Dominos, Layla, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, Polydor, Atco, 1970

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