Buried Treasures & Opinions on Kid Rock and Brian Wilson

Jim and Greg are back with a new batch of Buried Treasures. These underground gems might not be well-known but they deserve more attention. And later in the show, the critics rate the latest album from rock legend Brian Wilson.

Treasure pile
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00:01:45 Review: Kid Rock

Rock N Roll Jesus

Kid Rock's 11th album, Rock ‘n Roll Jesus, was released last year, but has become the surprising hit of the summer. Atlantic Records is crediting keeping the album out of iTunes with the huge sales, and is looking at this as a new business model. As a Wall Street Journal article explores, avoiding iTunes runs against conventional logic since it's the number one music retailer. But, many labels want to find a way around Steve Jobs' stronghold and begrudge the power of the single. Jim and Greg think some artists only have a single or two in them, and explain that Kid Rock might be one of them. They say there's no reason to add to the 1.7 million copies Rock ‘n Roll Jesus has already sold and give the album a Trash It.

Buried Treasures

While the Kid Rocks of the world may dominate the airwaves, there are a ton of great underground musical gems worthy of your attention. Here are Jim and Greg’s current Buried Treasures.


  • Ladytron
  • Naked Brothers
  • Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
  • Darker My Love


  • Chicha Libre
  • Sam Phillips
  • Bajofondo Tango Club
  • Torche

That Lucky Old Sun Brian Wilson

That Lucky Old Sun

One musician who always seems to be buried, followed by an unearthing, is Brian Wilson. The former Beach Boy has had so many comebacks, Jim and Greg aren't even sure where he's coming back from. Is Brian back again with this new record, That Lucky Old Sun? Greg explains that some people are saying this album is on par with Wilson's two masterpieces, Pet Sounds and Smile. But this critic thinks that's an insult to his previous efforts. He finds this album nostalgic, but takes too long to become emotionally resonant. And, the songs are weighed down by cornball lyrics courtesy of Van Dyke Parks. Jim completely agrees and wonders if the troubled artist actually made this record. If he did, he's merely cashing in. If he didn't, it's quite a con. Either way That Lucky Old Sun gets a double Trash It.

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