Danny Goldberg, Wedding Songs, & Opinions on Ra Ra Riot

Manager, label executive, publicist—Danny Goldberg has donned many hats in the music industry. Tune in to hear this music insider share stories of working with everyone from Led Zeppelin to Nirvana. Plus, Jim and Greg will review the new album from orchestral indie rockers Ra Ra Riot.

Dann Goldberg with Kurt Cobain in 1992
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While some are mourning the end of summer, others are grateful for the end of wedding season. Music fans often fall into the latter group, which isn't surprising if you look at Bridal Guide Magazine's recent list of wedding songs. We asked listeners to sound off on the best and worst wedding songs, and Jim and Greg also have their own opinions, of course. Greg's favorites are "I Only Have Eyes for You" by The Flamingos and "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" by Sylvester. He also favors any authentic ethnic songs like "Hava Nagila." Jim said he'd refer to his bride on this one, since he gets to make the musical decisions all the other days of the year.

Danny Goldberg

While the rock stars get all the fame, it's often interesting to hear from the people who got them there. This week's guest is Danny Goldberg, a longtime music industry insider who has done everything from doing PR for Led Zeppelin, serving as a label executive at Atlantic, Mercury and Warner Brothers Records, and managing such artists as Stevie Nicks, Warren Zevon and Nirvana. He wrote about his experiences with these people in an aptly titled book, Bumping Into Geniuses: My Life Inside the Rock and Roll Business. As he relays to Jim and Greg, sometimes geniuses aren't easy to work with, but it's always worth it.

The Rhumb Line Ra Ra Riot

The Rhumb Line (Bonus Track Version)

After impressing critics and fans with their 2007 EP, Ra Ra Riot now has a full length album called The Rhumb Line. You can count Greg as one of those fans; they were one of his Buried Treasures last year. Now with this release, he's impressed with a number of songs, but doesn't feel the album as a whole does them justice. He wishes it had more of the energy or propulsion of their live act. For that reason he recommends people Try It. Jim can't even go that far. He finds the band to be as pretentious as Vampire Weekend and doesn't understand what all the buzz is about. He gives The Rhumb Line a Trash It.


Jim is more excited about this next segment. He thinks there are a number of bands from the alternative era that don't get their due, including Zuzu’s Petals. Lead singer Laurie Lindeen recently wrote a book about her life on the road called Petal Pusher: A Rock and Roll Cinderella Story. Jim recommends it, but mostly likes to remember the band through its music. That's why their track "Cinderella’s Daydream" gets added to the Desert Island Jukebox this week.

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