Buried Treasures & A Giant Dog

Buried Treasures

Jim and Greg dig up some buried treasures - albums that aren't yet in the mainstream but that deserve some more attention. Plus, cult rock outfit A Giant Dog join them for an interview and performance.

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Buried Treasures

From Italian  doom  stoner rock to Los Angeles  electro, we've got some great musical buried treasures that you need to hear! These artists might not be household names, but Jim and Greg think they're definitely worth adding to your collection.


  • Santa Librada, Santa Librada
  • Amyl and the Sniffers, Big Attraction
  • Psychedelic Witchcraft, Sound of the Wind
  • Libertalia, Too Late (To Walk Away)


  • Lowtide, Southern Mind
  • MIEN  Earth Moon
  • The Lovely Eggs, This is Eggland
  • Dream System 8, We Sleep Again

A Giant Dog

A Giant Dog is a rock band out of Austin, Texas, whose power and charisma on stage make the outfit unique. Made up of Sabrina Ellis, Andrew Cashen, Andy Bauer, Graham Low, and Daniel Blanchard, Greg fell in love with this band when he saw them several times at SXSW in 2017. Greg interviews the band about how they came together, signing with Merge Records and how their antics onstage have changed over the years. Plus, they perform live.

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