The Story of Creem Magazine & British Rock Band Idles


For 20 years, Creem Magazine boasted a roster of creative misfits who wrote some of the most exciting, funny and thoughtful music journalism of all time. Hosts Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis talk to friend and former Creem journalist Jaan Uhelszki about the new documentary on Creem and what it was like to work alongside Jim’s hero, Lester Bangs. Then, Jim and Greg have a conversation with Joe Talbot of the British band IDLES.

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The Story of Creem Magazine with Jaan Uhelszki


Creem Magazine personified the idea of a rock and roll magazine, attracting writers like Lester Bangs and musicians like Patti Smith to their pages. Jaan Uhelszki was there in the thick of it, and she shares many great stories with Jim and Greg.

Joe Talbot of IDLES


The British band IDLES recently released their third album, Ultra Mono, which is currently at the top of the UK charts. Singer Joe Talbot joins Jim and Greg to talk about the activism at the heart of the band.

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