Record Review Roundup & Wendy Carlos


It’s fall and the records are dropping like leaves. Jim and Greg review new albums from Disclosure, Lydia Loveless, Flaming Lips and Ganser. Plus, the story of electronic music pioneer, Wendy Carlos.

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Review Roundup

Jim and Greg review new records from Lydia Loveless, The Flaming Lips, Disclosure and Ganser. They're both enthusiastic about all of them, except for Jim, who isn't digging the latest from the Lips.

Daughter Lydia Loveless

Lydia Loveless Daughter

Jim and Greg share their thoughts on the new album Daughter from singer-songwriter Lydia Loveless.

Energy Disclosure

Disclosure ENERGY Deluxe)

The hosts give their opinions on the new Disclosure record, Energy.

Just Look at That Sky Ganser

Ganser Just Look At That Sky

Ganser put out a new record called Just Look at That Sky, and Jim and Greg tell us what they think.

American Head The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips American Head

Jim and Greg give their two cents on the latest from psych rock mainstays The Flaming Lips. Their album is called American Head.

Author Amanda Sewell on Wendy Carlos


One of the most important electronic musician of all time, Wendy Carlos's story is as compelling as her music. Jim spoke with author Amanda Sewell about her book, Wendy Carlos: A Biography.

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