Best Albums of 2021 So Far


It’s our second-favorite show of the year: the best albums of the year so far. Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot count down their favorite albums released so far in 2021. 

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Best Albums of 2021 So Far

Jim and Greg share some of the albums they’ve loved the most the first half of 2021.


  1. Goat Girl, On All Fours
  2. Tony Allen, There is No End
  3. Tune-Yards, sketchy.
  4. Mdou Moctar, Afrique Victime
  5. Eleventh Dream Day, Since Grazed
  6. Dry Cleaning, New Long Leg
  7. Armand Hammer/The Alchemist, Haram
  8. Robert Finley, Sharecropper’s Son
  9. Tamar Aphek, All Bets Are Off
  10. Dawn Richard, Second Line


  1. La Femme, Paradigmes
  2. Viagra Boys, Welfare Jazz
  3. Art d’Ecco, In Standard Definition
  4. Dry Cleaning, New Long Leg
  5. Tamar Aphek, All Bets Are Off
  6. Shame, Drunk Tank Pink
  7. Dawn Richard, Second Line
  8. Tune-Yards, sketchy.
  9. Goat Girl, On All Fours
  10. Tony Allen, There Is No End

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