Buried Treasures & RIP Andy Rourke (The Smiths)


This week, hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot share some new music that's flying underneath the mainstream radar - buried treasures! They'll also hear selections from their production staff and bid farewell to The Smiths bassist Andy Rourke.

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Buried Treasures

Jim and Greg share another batch of songs not getting the attention they deserve- what they call “buried treasures.” They’re joined by their production staff to share picks that sound like the world- Ghana, Ireland and even a French cave.


  • Tombstones in Their Eyes, “No One to Blame”
  • African Head Charge, “Microdosing”
  • Draag, “Demonbird”
  • Durand Jones, “Lord Have Mercy”
  • Gabe ‘Nandez, “Pangea”


  • feeble little horse, “Tin Man”
  • Evangeline, “Mystic”
  • Louise Post, “Guilty”
  • Vanessa Tha Finessa, “Top Notch”
  • Sphaèros, “Possession”


  • Sol: Juliana, “Narices Frias”
  • Andrew: Ye Vagabonds, "Blue Is the Eye"
  • Alex: The Greeting Committee, "Can I Leave Me Too?

Obit: Andy Rourke


Of the four members of The Smiths, Andy Rourke was in the lesser known half- behind Morrissey and Johnny Marr. But as Greg Kot argues, his contributions were pivotal for the group’s sound. A great example of this is the single “Barbarism Starts At Home.” Rourke died May 19 at age 59.

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