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As 2018 comes to a close, Jim and Greg tackle the timeless art of making a mixtape featuring their favorite songs from the past year.

This year, Greg's mixtape is called "Undone", because of the sense of“collective anxiety”that keeps cropping up in popular music. Jim's mixtape was inspired by gentrification's impact on artists and their communities, particularly in our home base of Chicago.

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Rudolph Pouts…And Pouts Again


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The Best Albums of 2018

The end of 2018 is near, and that means it's time to reveal the best of the year lists from Jim and Greg! Also, listeners and Sound Opinions producers contribute some picks as well.

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Guest Desert Island Jukebox

Most weeks, either Jim or Greg take a trip to the desert island and play a song they can‘t live without. This week, we’re sharing picks from recent Sound Opinions guests like Ted Leo and Jason Isbell! Find out what these artists selected as the albums and songs they would bring with them if stranded on a desert island.

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Buried Treasures

From genre-bending Scottish electronic trio Young Fathers to the shoegaze wonder of Lightfoil, this week Jim and Greg dip into the wealth of music beyond the FM dial and play you some buried treasures. These artists might not be at the top of the charts, but they're definitely worth adding to your collection.

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List: Dad Rock, Meet Dad Rap

Kendrick Lamar and Bruce SpringsteenThough it began as a put-down, the term Dad Rock has grown into almost a term of endearment, said Uproxx Cultural Critic Steven Hyden. He delved deep into Dad Rock in his book, Twilight of The Gods, and took the idea a step further in a piece for Uproxx. There he posited that certain hip hop artists could be grouped together as Dad Rap and provided a tongue-in-cheek conversion guide. Hyden joined Jim and Greg to debate his comparisons and come up with some new ones.

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Lennon & McCartney Solo Careers

This week, Jim and Greg reevaluate the post-Beatles careers of Paul McCartney and John Lennon. According to Greg, it is“wrong headed”to simply label John as“the rocker”and Paul as the melodic one. The conversation is particularly timely because of the recent release of a fresh box set of Lennon's 1971 classic recording Imagine, as well as the recent release of McCartney's latest album, Egypt Station. Rather than setting this up as a clash of the titans, Jim and Greg shine a light on lesser known corners of Lennon and McCartney's respective catalogs. Jim noted the value of“digging into a catalog that we think we know”to uncover“new nuggets of revelation.”In that digging they uncover the good, and the bad…

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Modern Protest Songs

In response to a listener's inquiry, Jim and Greg share protest songs written since the year 2000. They say their picks carry on the spirit of the labor movement of the 1930s, the civil rights and antiwar movements of the 1960s and the anti-Cold War movement of the 1980s.

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Scary Songs

Jim and Greg are back with a batch of Scary Songs for Halloween. Fire up the jack-o'-lantern, fill the candy bowl, and listen to these songs:

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Buried Treasures

So many records are released each year that many deserving albums get lost in the noise. This week, Jim and Greg unearth another set of Buried Treasures – recent musical gems that you may have missed, but deserve a place in your music library.

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Diss Tracks

When two musicians have beef, it's only natural for their feud to carry over into their art. From rap to southern rock to new wave to punk, here are a few of Jim and Greg's favorite diss tracks.

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Buried Treasures

From the southern soul of Swamp Dogg to the experimental art rock of Ohmme, this week Jim and Greg dip into the wealth of music beyond the FM dial and play you some buried treasures. These artists might not be household names, but they're definitely worth adding to your collection.

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Songs About the Devil

Devil Songs The tale of Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil at the crossroads in exchange for his prodigious guitar playing skills is one that dates back to the early 1900s. This inspired an entire new category of tracks: devil songs. Jim and Greg share a few of their favorite tracks that reference the character of "the devil." *Note: Sound Opinions does not endorse the devil or any of his messages.

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Songs About The Sea

Seventy-one percent of the earth is covered with water, so it's no surprise many musicians have looked to the sea for inspiration. From adventure to tragedy, Jim and Greg have gathered songs about the ocean that run the gamut.

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Buried Treasures

From a metal group out of Guadalajara, Mexico called Canibales to a genre defying duo called The O‘My’s out of Chicago, this week, Jim and Greg dish out a batch of Buried Treasures: new music discoveries that you need to hear.

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Best Albums of 2018 So Far

With so many album releases, Jim and Greg are always listening to new music. Luckily, there are several records that are exciting them in 2018 so far - here are some picks from them in no particular order.

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Blue Tracks

Lastly, Greg and Jim pick some of their favorite tracks on Blue that they think are worth highlighting in more detail:

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Anxious Anthems

Forget “keep calm and carry on.” This week, Jim and Greg play their favorite "Anxious Anthems." Then they chat with some listeners to hear what songs make them nervous.

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Favorite Drum Moments in Rock

Jim and Greg share some of their favorite drummers as well as some notable drum fills, beats and more:

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Buried Treasures

While you may be doing some spring cleaning on your playlists, we've got a few additions you need to hear! Jim, Greg and some listeners share some buried treasures: under-the-radar albums.

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Desert Island Jukebox

Often at the end of Sound Opinions, Jim and Greg add songs to the Desert Island Jukebox. This jukebox is filled with tracks that Jim and Greg would take with them if stranded on a desert island. They‘ve posed this same age-old rock question to many of their guests. Here’s the music that these artists say they can't live without:

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Songs About Horses

The Kentucky Derby is right around the corner and Jim and Greg have horses on the brain! It got them thinking about how prominent these creatures are in music across genres. The hosts and some Sound Opinions listeners share their favorite tracks about ponies, mares, stallions and more.

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Buried Treasures

During SXSW 2018, Jim and Greg saw so many great unknown artists. Here are a few more buried treasures that you need to check out:

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SXSW 2018

Greg and Jim report back from the South By Southwest music conference in Austin, Texas. They share some of their favorite new musical discoveries.

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Songs About the Music Industry

Rock ‘n’ roll is all about railing against the“man.”And for musicians, there's no bigger man than the record business. Some songs celebrate music's great A&R men and women or label heads. Many more skewer the suits. Here are Jim and Greg's favorites:

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Buried Treasures

From Italian doom stoner rock to Los Angeles electro, we've got some great musical buried treasures that you need to hear! These artists might not be household names, but Jim and Greg think they're definitely worth adding to your collection.

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Best Soundtracks, Part 2

From Do the Right Thing to Lost In Translation, Jim and Greg share another batch of their favorite movie soundtracks. We also hear some listeners make the case for their favorites. Here are their picks:

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List: "I Want You Back" for Valentine's Day

It's that magical time of year where love is in the air! However for some, they've got to try a little harder to get back into the good graces of their valentines. Jim and Greg present their favorite Pleading Songs.

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